Roles in CHS

There are many roles avalible in CHS, all requiring different skill-sets. If you're on the fence about joining us, have a look at what you might expect from each position.

Foot Sabs:


The foot sabs job is to stay with the hunt where possible. Carrying citronella and/or a camera, where possible you will directly intervene with the hounds if required, using voice calls and potentially a horn to call the hounds of a trail. It will also be the foot sabs job to spray citronella, a naturally strong smelling essential oil that masks the scent of a fox and therefore making it hard for the hounds to locate the fox.



The job of the driver is quite self-explanatory. While in the vehicle, the driver works with a navigator to get to locations and meeting objectives efficiently and safely while often having to navigate around the oppositions road blocks in a safe manner.



The job of the navigator is to help the driver find an appropriate route from one point to another. The reason we do not rely on digital navigation systems is because they often do not take into account roads we can use in our 4x4s. Another reason is because a navigator can find way around road blockades quickly. Another job of the navigator is to communicate with foots Sabs to arrange drops and pickups as well as watch points, with more powerful radio equipment they can also relay messages to other groups.

IT Team:


Technology in an important part of 21st century wildlife protection, CHS uses a myriad of technologies to successfully track, disrupt and locate illegal hunts. Your role will be to develop new ways we can use technology, as well as maintain our pre-existing equipment in order to help us fulfill our mission.

Social Media:


Social media is plays a vital role in our group, it helps us let our supporters know what we’re doing, raise money, and publish our reports. Your role will be to find and create posts to share in order to engage with our supporters. Social media is the face of what we do and we wouldn’t be here today without it!



Your role, in addition to any other role you may undertake, is to provide medical support to injured Sabs, as well as hunters, where appropriate with the support of the team and potentially with the support of the emergency services.


Your donations keep us running, by donating you will be directly responsible for saving the lives of persecuted wildlife.